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7 Steps to Find a Good Bot Name & 200+ Chatbot Name Ideas 2023

chatbot name suggestions

If your bot name is difficult to spell and pronounce, then users won’t be able to easily interact with your bot. This means that your bot will lose potential customers. Take your time before selecting a name for your chatbot. Don’t forget that it will represent both you and your business related to a chatbot.

  • Personality is an integral part of a chatbot because it makes the user experience more enjoyable.
  • And if your customer is not able to establish an emotional connection, then chances are that he or she will most likely not be as open to chatting through a bot.
  • The Chatbot is usually designed the way a human behaves as a conversational partner.
  • Before naming your chatbot company, conduct comprehensive online research.
  • Sentiment analysis technology in a chatbot will help bots understand human emotions and empathize with customers.
  • For instance, if you have an eCommerce store, your chatbot should act as a sales representative.

Short bot names are easier to remember than long bot names. So, if you’re looking for a bot name that’s easy to remember, consider using a short bot name. At


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that is connected to our live chat solution so you can monitor your chatbot’s performance directly in your Dashboard. This helps you keep a close eye on your chatbot and make changes where necessary — there are enough digital assistants out there

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Bottom Line

The bot remembers your order history so re-ordering is possible. This chatbot can also track orders and estimate the time of delivery. Many chatbots fail because people expect too much of them. There are many examples of chatbots in the food industry but Domino’s chatbot stands out. Experts claim that mental health chatbots cannot replace interacting with real humans.

It’s also important to keep in mind that bots are often used by people who aren’t very tech-savvy. So, you may want to avoid calling them “bots” and instead refer to them as “apps”, “software”, or “programs”. People tend to use their name because they feel it sounds good.

Think About the Values Your Bot Will Communicate.

Once you’ve figured out “who” your chatbot is, you have to find a name that fits its personality. Therefore, you will need to call it something that will surely get people’s attention and sell the product or service. For instance, if it is a life coach bot, you can call it “Coach Lizzie” or “Coach Mark”. Make your chatbot mention that they are an automated system to avoid any ambiguity among customers.

chatbot name suggestions

It doesn’t matter whether you are selling products online or not. You can use any of the following methods to come up with a creative bot name. Of course you can never be 100% sure that your chatbot will understand every request, which is why we recommend having

live chat.

Humans are becoming comfortable building relationships with chatbots. Maybe even more comfortable than with other humans—after all, we know the bot is just there to help. Many people talk to their robot vacuum cleaners and use Siri or Alexa as often as they use other tools. Some even ask their bots existential questions, interfere with their programming, or consider them a “safe” friend.

chatbot name suggestions

A kind, intellectual and soft-spoken bot is the first preference. Before giving your chatbot a name, you must know what role your chatbot is going to play. Whatever the function may be, it needs to be evident before you give your chatbot a name. At the very core, a chatbot is entirely different than a human agent.

Business & Startup Bot Name Ideas

Once you’ve decided on your bot’s personality and role, develop its tone and speech. Writing your

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[newline] is like writing a play or choose-your-own-adventure story. Experiment by creating a simple but interesting backstory for your bot. This is how screenwriters find the voice for their movie characters and it could help you find your bot’s voice.

AI hallucination? Bard chatbot claims it is a woman, prefers to be called Sofia – HT Tech

AI hallucination? Bard chatbot claims it is a woman, prefers to be called Sofia.

Posted: Sat, 28 Oct 2023 12:47:38 GMT [source]

When you find a good name for your bot then always try to find a name that people can easily understand and choose a name that can easily be pronounced. Here you can find the best collections of catchy chat bot name ideas and suggestions. Each of these names reflects not only a character but the function the bot is supposed to serve. A chatbot may be the one instance where you get to choose someone else’s personality. Create a personality with a choice of language (casual, formal, colloquial), level of empathy, humor, and more.

The quirky chatbot obsessed with night snacks made a nice clickbait story. Upon her initial release, Xiaoice received 1.5 million chat invitations in 3 days. The chatbot girl became extremely popular on platforms such as Weibo (a Chinese alternative to Facebook). After years of research, Facebook built their own open-source chatbot AI. It’s called BlenderBot because it can blend different conversational skills.


While in a baking or floral business your customers will need a chatbot that is easy-going, friendly, and cracks some jokes here and there. It all depends on the nature of your business and you have to give your chatbot a personality according to that. Your chatbot is going to be interacting with all your customers firsthand and you need to decide its role to assign it with a suitable name. As complicated as it may seem, giving your chatbot a name is not a hard task.

Keep it relevant to the brand

This perception intensifies if the user comes from a masculine society where men are perceived to carry such character traits. Remember, the key is to communicate the purpose of your bot without losing sight of the underlying brand personality. It’s also full of a host of touchpoints that affect customer experience…. Once the customization is done, you can go ahead and use our chatbot scripts to lend a compelling backstory to your bot. Plus, how to name a chatbot could be a breeze if you know where to look for help.

chatbot name suggestions

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  • Online business owners can relate their business to the chatbots’ roles.
  • It uses advanced neural networks and focuses on creating engaging conversational experiences.
  • As soon as you resonate with a name (or names), secure the domain and social media handles as soon as possible to ensure they don’t get taken.
  • Your company name should be able to describe who you are and what you offer.